Monday, August 10, 2009


Sorry for the lengthy time without posts, but July was the month from hell! We suffered through a total crash of the clinic computer system; lost a couple of weeks worth of data but thankfully NOT our whole database, and are now using our new upgraded computer system (wouldn't you know the system crashed the day they faxed me the final contract for the new system?!). As if that wasn't enough, my personal laptop died as well. I can't seem to get one where the connection to the power cord doesn't go bad, this one was only a year old.

I have a couple of posts I have been working on but am still getting used to the new system and having a little trouble moving pictures around (thankfully I think I was able to recover all of my data from the laptop, including all my pictures- would have hated to lose them!).

In the meantime, a quick brag; Andy's son Fred who lives with Kaylyn Young is tearing up the 4 H rings. After winning their obedience and junior showmanship classes at the county fair under AKC judges who were very complimentary, they went to the Ohio State Fair where they WON the huge Novice B class of 57 dogs, got a gold medal in Rally, and finished a State Fair Championship. They hope to compete in AKC this fall. Cory is going to have to get his act together or his little brother is going to show him up!