Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A new generation

Saturday before last we went over to Kathy and Ron Rhoades' house to see "Fred". Fred is one of Andy's puppies from the second breeding and is almost three years old. He belongs to the Young family and especially to their daughter Kaylynn who has been showing him in 4H obedience and junior showmanship. Her mom Gayle was bringing Fred over to Kathy's (his breeder) to get some help grooming him for the Central OH kennel club shows in Columbus the next day, and since we hadn't seen him since last summer we wanted to come visit too. Fred is looking great! At just shy of three years old, he is really coating up. He is not quite as dark a red as Andy was, but is a very clear pretty dark orange. Both my Cory and Fred were sired by my Andy; Cory was the only pup in his litter. Their mothers, Annabelle and Libby, were full sisters, so they are about as close to full siblings as you can get and still have different mothers! Fred has always looked a little more like his mom's side and there is definitely a resemblance to Libby there, but I see little flashes of Andy's side as well.

Fred and Kaylynn have been doing really well in 4 H at the state level but had to take a hiatus last summer due to other family obligations. This was their first time back in the AKC junior showmanship ring in over a year. Kay has really grown up in that time! She is taller than me and now looks like a very poised young woman, not a little girl any longer!

Kathy and Gayle did a lot of fluffing, puffing and trimming (I watched; grooming is not my strong suite!) . I think Fred and Cory have about the same opinion of the grooming table- YUCK! Cory wouldn't go near Kathy as long as she had her grooming apron on!

Kathy and Ron left the next day (Sunday) to drive to the sheltie national in Perry GA, so weren't entered in Columbus. However, Cory and I had entered rally for our first time in excellent so we arrived first and showed just before Gayle, Kaylynn and Fred got there. It was not one of his better runs; we were running late, got there at the last minute, and both were a little frazzled. But it was good enough for 4th place and his first excellent leg.

Fred and Kaylynn looked great in a good sized Novice Intermediate (I think) class. Fred does have a tendency to pace a little bit like his dad and his brother so Kay has her work cut out for her! They ended up with a very respectable third place. We are so proud of this pair! After they were done they were checking out the novice obedience ring; they hope to make their debut in AKC obedience or rally this summer.

Here's a brief video of Fred and Kaylynn in the ring- my battery was about to die so I only got a few minutes.

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  1. Kathy breeds great dogs. She used to use our office years ago and her dogs are great. I was at the central Ohio show too. We took home a first and second in our conformation classes, but no points.