Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Your daily cuteness quota!

Cory and Zoe's babies are three weeks old today. I went to visit them last night and they are SOOOOOO CUTE! They are starting to move around and be really active and they definitely have minds of their own. The boy has the wide blaze and white muzzle and the girl has the narrower blaze. If you have a slow connection, you are going to just hate me.

The two above are the boy; below is the girl.


Girl, above and the next five below.

Oh. My. God. I could just snatch them up and steal them (and I generally consider myself to have a pretty good immunity against cute puppyitis!).

Girl on left, Boy on right.

Poor baby boy...being a puppy is exhausting!

Remember when you only had to dodge your annoying friends with endless pictures of their grandkids at the grocery store? Now you even have to look at their grandDOGS clogging up your email boxes! But I just can't help myself!

OK, little guy, you are a DEAD RINGER for Rodney the guinea pig in the Dr. Doolittle movie with Eddie Murphy!

More girl below.

Last little boy shot above. And for those of you who haven't had quite enough cute yet, we have live action cute in the video below.


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  1. Maintaining a high cuteness level can wear a body out. I know I can barely stay awake sometimes.