Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Long time no post...

Once again I have been derelict in my postings...I have several topics in my head but not yet on paper, but I did think I would do a quick "light" post.  I am posting a link to a video of my rotten younger dog, Robbie.  Robbie is not quite yet ready for prime time as far as agility trials go, but he LOVES agility and in his opinion never gets enough of my training time.  Recently there has been a new show (on Dish network it's on the Rural channel, I don't think you can get it on Direct TV or Time Warner) called The Agility Show on Saturday afternoons, featuring an agility judge and showing runs and interviews with competitors from various trials he attends.  Robbie likes to watch dogs on TV and he has become OBSESSED with the Agility Show.  I DVR it for him every week and we watch it when we get home.  He will watch the entire 30 minutes intently, though during the commercials and some of the interviews he will come sit on my lap and wait for "the good stuff" to start again.  Initially he just watched, but then he started jumping at the screen and "chasing" the dogs as they ran.  This has gotten progressively more and more energetic with each episode.

Last weekend I had to be gone all day and the dogs were home alone for quite a long time, which is unusual for them as they go to work with me daily and weekends are usually spent at shows.  I often leave the TV in my bedroom on for background noise, but never really thought that they probably watched it much while I was gone.  When I returned home that night, Robbie brought me a little cosmetics bag that usually sits by the TV in my bedroom and I couldn't figure out how he had gotten up to get it (he's only 13 1/2 inches tall).  When I went in the bedroom, the towels which are folded on the shelves under the TV were all knocked around and everything was in disarray.  I could not figure out WHAT he had done, and had mental pictures of him trying to climb the shelves...It finally occurred to me that the DVR must have clicked over to the Agility Show when it came on.  I turned it on as a test, and if you click the link below you will see what must have been happening while I was gone...!

Robbie and The Agility Show

This is a funny habit, but I think it has reached the point where it is getting excessive and we are in danger of it becoming an unhealthy obsession that puts Robbie's safety and my belongings at risk.  I noticed he actually was starting to watch GOLF this weekend (and if he's not bored by golf, he'll watch anything!).  So I think we will have to start interrupting this behavior and maybe use it as a distraction while we do a little heel work!  It's much easier to prevent it BEFORE it becomes a problem than try to fix it later.

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