Sunday, May 10, 2009


I must be nuts....

I knew I would want another cat sooner or later; I have been at my all time low in numbers since losing Hoppy and Grouch; down to only Stevie who lives at the clinic. I have been so "cat deprived" that I started bringing Stevie home on the weekends, a situation which has worked out well for both of us. He really enjoys watching the birds and having the extra space to run around.

It has been years since I had a kitten, and even longer since I really got to PICK a kitten- all of my cats have found me, and most of the more recent ones came to me as adults (mostly missing various body parts or otherwise impaired!). So I thought I would wait until spring and look for a little kitten this time. A couple of weeks ago I started to get the "itch", but was going to be out of town for the weekend at a dog show so I sort of planted the idea in the back of my mind that after that weekend I would start looking. Last weekend I decided that Saturday after work I would go looking for a kitten. It was May, spring was here, kittens should be crawling out of the woodwork. No such luck...very few if any kittens at any of the shelters I looked at, and none that were "the" kitten. My criteria: definitely male; definitely not a solid color, preferably orange tabby; most importantly very laid back, lovable and snuggly. I tend to gravitate towards kittens with wider set eyes and wider, shorter faces more typical of Persian background, rather than the narrower, longer faced ones more suggestive of oriental backgrounds, which tends to go along with the temperament I like as well. I continued to look through the week, but even after spending my day off on Wednesday, no luck.

Thursday morning Amy told me the shelter at Campbell County had called and they had an orange male kitten. Luckily I was able to finish up my surgeries in time to run over at my lunch break. When I got there, there was not one, but TWO orange male kitties, littermates. One was a typical tiger with white paws who was the more affectionate of the two. The other was a really pretty red "swirly" tabby, what I think the show folk call a mackeral tabby. I have always wanted one of those...he was snuggly but not quite as much as his brother. What to do? I agonized for several minutes, then thought what the heck. You guessed it, BOTH kittens came home with me.

Below is the snugglier one. He is also MUCH easier to catch still photos of, as his wild brother was busy exploring under the bed and bouncing in all directions.

Here is his crazy brother. They actually both have their crazy as well as their snuggly moments.

Below I am uploading a video of my past weekend...I will post more later but have to leave for now.


  1. They are adorable! Names? What pretty boys. The mostly orange one is a mackeral tabby, but the boy with more white is interesting. Closer to a classic tabby, but not quite. He looks quite unique!

  2. Two kittens are easier (and more fun) than one, if you ask me. Two puppies at once - madness!

    They sure are cute.


  3. What GREAT entertainment they are! Talk about agile. Kittens are so much fun to watch.
    Thanks for sharing,