Friday, June 12, 2009

Everyone should have kittens

The kitties are doing great and are so cute ;-). Stevie loves them, especially Tyler who is his special buddy. If I don't have all three curled up on my lap, then Toby is with me and Tyler and Stevie are snuggled together on the couch cushion.

Most nights they sleep in my room with me now and are getting to where they almost make it all night long; sometimes around 5 or 6 they start getting a bit wound up and get booted into the laundry room and basement. The basement training room is their favorite place- all that space to run and tunnels to hide in, as well as the windows looking right out at the bird feeders!

At their last trip to the clinic two weeks ago, they both weighed about 3.25 lbs; I suspect they are about 4 lbs now and starting to lose their kittenish look. Now they are looking more and more like little cats. Bummer!

Who could be in a bad mood when you have two kittens purring in your lap, or making you laugh with their antics?


  1. Your picture of the kitten with the adult is amazing. How good of him!

    Jo Ann

  2. Yes, Stevie is a sweetheart and he LOVES the kittens, especially Tyler. My big orange boys have always been good "uncles", Stevie's predecessor Mo raised many puppies and kittens and really enjoyed his foster parent role.