Saturday, June 20, 2009

Only an idiot would have two kittens

I must be nuts. Did I say everyone should have kittens? Put me in the asylum. The kittens are about 3 1/2 mos old now and are going through the terrible teens. Last night they knocked over my lamp and broke the bulb, pulled the runner off the piano and broke the music box my sister brought me from Europe years ago when we were in college (luckily it's fixable), pulled all the strings out of the tassel on one end of the runner...and on and on. Even Stevie was getting fed up with them.

I finally got around to buying some of those styrofoam swim noodles to use as padding around the poles in the basement training room...the kitties think I put them up especially for them and now the poles are kitty climbing trees...I can see the noodles will need replacing before too long at all! And that's with nail caps on! Even Stevie was inspired to try and haul his gargantuan butt up the pole after watching the kittens.

Today they are sweet as sugar and all innocence...but I know they are just waiting for when I am most tired and least patient for their true selves to surface!

Here is video of Cory and the kitties playing on Wednesday. I have to admit, they are entertaining!


  1. Cory and the kitties are very entertaining. All 3 of them are so cute when they play together :o)


  2. Oh Becky, this is too adorable. I love how Cory gets them to chase him!!